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Z Calibration

DL800 Transmission Tuning R8 & Huracan

DL800 Transmission Tuning R8 & Huracan

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Tailored TCU calibration for DL800 transmission

You can use this dongle to read your TCU's ID. Send us a screenshot, and we'll create a custom tune just for you:

- increased torque limiters

- greater clutch pressures that are feasible, based on your clutch

- an altered launch RPM that you can change with your right foot

- launch in every mode, with and without ESP.

- adjusted torque reduction during launch

- updated clutch adaptations and diagnostics

- uses for various gearsets with adjustable shift tables or final drives

- compatible with aftermarket and OEM ECUs such as Motec and Syvecs

All download links and instructions for the flash software will be sent to you via email.

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