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Z Calibration



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Built to Tight Industry Standards

Z Calibration has been working with Bosch and Siemens engine management systems and calibrations for more than ten years. With this experience, the company can use its knowledge, top-of-the-line tools, and equipment to guarantee an ideal calibration that will deliver maximum performance while retaining OEM-like reliability and drivability.

Thoroughly Tested in Different Driving Situations

The development process starts with Z Calibration's own Mustang dyno. A multitude of operational data is continuously monitored, and industry-leading calibration techniques and resources are used. Next, utilizing several cars under a range of driving circumstances, street and track scenarios are used to test the beta calibrations. Z Calibration Performance Software guarantees maximum performance, OEM-like drivability, and dependability everywhere in the world with this engine calibration method. Z Calibration Performance Software is only made available to its clients when development has been finished to the highest standards possible.

Manufacturer Safety Limiters The ECU calibration preserves retained OEM "fail safes." Reliability is achieved through careful monitoring of all operating parameters, which guarantees that engine functioning stays within the tolerances set by factory components.

Enhanced Comfort, Drivability, Smoothness, and Responsiveness

The ECU calibrations from Z Calibration are designed to decrease low-end lag and enhance engine response. Performance software from Z Calibration is widely recognized for its wide powerband, smooth power delivery, and ability to maximize responsiveness and "area under the curve" under both gentle and severe acceleration.

Optimized Maximum Production

The ECU calibrators from Z Calibration maximize power output while adhering to the factory engine and drivetrain component operating limitations. To be more precise, this maximizes engine performance without compromising the engine, turbocharger, or other engine and drivetrain components' dependability.

Optimised Power Delivery in Every Way All through the Power Band

In line with the OEM approach, the calibration is made to give a wide, level torque plateau that results in a linear and seamless power spectrum. A wider torque plateau and a larger area under the curve are produced when maximum torque output is reached earlier and held for longer. Better acceleration and excellent engine performance are the outcomes of this.

Enhanced Fuel Economy

Under normal driving conditions, improved fuel efficiency is possible with optimal timing and injection while cruising.

Precisely Timed Ignition for Higher Octane Fuel: Engine calibration is tailored to maximize combustion energy by utilizing higher fuel quality. Consequently, greater power and improved fuel efficiency can be obtained by utilizing a higher octane fuel.

Removed the speed governor

The ECU's vehicle speed limiter is deleted. (Subject to rotational speed limit of transmission.)

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